Oct 18 2007

Canal Boating through France

Canal Boat France
Explore the French countryside from your very own canal boat. A canal boat tour is a relaxing and romantic way to discover the charm and mystery of the hidden France.

You can choose to self drive or rent a fully crewed barge. Either way you have the pick of over 10,000 kilometres of sheltered waterways that wind though an amazing array of different regions and landscapes. Cruise through the peaceful countryside, past tempting vineyards and historic villages where tiny medieval churches, ancient castles, exotic markets and small local restaurants will offer you an endless stream of new experiences and delights.

Canal boats travel at a leisurely and relaxing pace of 5 kilometres ( 3 miles) per hour. However half the fun of canal boating is getting off the boat to explore the little towns and other attractions in the surrounding area on foot or by bicycle.

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