Oct 28 2007

Gondola serenade on the canals of Venice

Gondola Venice

Venice is one of the most magical and romantic places on earth, and a gondola serenade on the canals of Venice is the ultimate romantic experience.

As you gently float down the canals in your gondola, the splendor of Venice unfolds from the unique vantage point. Look up at the old Venetian homes and float beneath elegant bridges, hear the quietness of the minor canals, watch the oars silently glide through the water and imagine the days of old. As you glide along the quaint canals listen to the soothing sounds of a serenade sung by the Gondolier just for you and your special someone before floating out into the vibrant Grand Canal.

Make sure you float under the Bridge of Sighs, as local legend says that lovers will be assured eternal love if they kiss on a gondola at sunset under the bridge.

A gondola ride through the canals of Venice is an incredibly peaceful, serene and romantic experience.

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