Sep 30 2007

Live it up in Las Vegas

Las Vegas

This desert metropolis not only lives up to its legendary status, it blows it out of the water! Nestled in the Nevada desert – only an hour flight from Los Angeles – Las Vegas is an awe-inspiring city! Emerging from the desert 100 years ago this fantasy land has since expanded immensely with over 39 million visitors a year. People visit Las Vegas to experience five star hotels and restaurants, glamorous casinos, entertainment and even to get married.

Start your trip to Vegas by touring the strip (Las Vegas Boulevard) and let the sights and sounds widen your eyes and ring in your ears. You may be nearly overwhelmed if you try to see everything all at once. The Hotel casinos are of the magnitude you can only imagine – each occupying acres of land, and each one more spectacular than the previous. Outlandish, opulent, elegant, garish – all words used to describe them. Check out what each casino has to offer – you’ll be amazed. Gambling – the main thrust of the city: millions upon millions of slot machines – from the minute you step off the plane!

However Vegas is not just about gambling – it’s about entertainment. There’s shows, reviews, latest artists, symbols for facebook” title=”music symbols for facebook”>musicians, and magicians. Theatre and shows play a huge part – attracting top acts and artists from around the world. If your into shopping there is a plethora of fashion boutiques, souvenir shops, department stores. Las Vegas is also known for its vibrant culinary scene and array of delectable restaurant offerings. Those with a wild side will be faced with a number of temptations, so be ready for anything from a karaoke challenge to an impromptu wedding.

So whether you want to try your luck at becoming a high roller in Las Vegas or just grab a seat at the Bellagio or the Venetian and watch the high rollers strut their stuff, either way, experiencing the energy, colour and non-stop entertainment of Las Vegas is a must.

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