Oct 05 2007

Paraglide in the French Alps

Paraglide French Alps
For an extraordinary adventure, go where eagles dare and try a tandem paraglide flight high above the Chamonix valley in the French Alps. Its an exciting and thrilling experience but at the same time incredibly relaxing and a wonderful way to enjoy the staggering beauty of the mountains. With big thermals, soaring eagles, dramatic glaciers and high mountain peaks the Chamonix valley is one of the best flying areas in the world.

Flying with a professional paraglide instructor a tandem paraglide is open to everyone of all ages. The take off is usually a matter of running for a few steps before the wind inflates the wing and you gently float off the mountain side. Landing is similarly easy requiring just a few steps and is usually a very gentle affair.

One of the reasons people fly in the Chamonix valley is to be near the huge mountains. Mt Blanc rises above them all at 4810m (15,780 feet). And for the “ultimate” French Alps paragliding experience try a paraglide from the snow capped summit of Mt Blanc. Get yourself a mountain guide and an expert paragliding pilot for a tandem jump. You’ll also need good weather. To climb Mt Blanc with a paraglider takes a great deal of effort but the experience is extremely rewarding.

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