Nov 10 2007

Go Zorbing


For an adventure ride that puts a whole new spin on things and is like nothing you’ve every experienced before, you have to give Zorbing a go.
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Nov 01 2007

Carve up the ski slopes in Aspen

Ski Aspen
Aspen Colorado is one of the world’s largest and most famous ski resorts. Nestled in the higher ranges of the Rocky Mountains, its exquisite natural beauty, snow capped mountains, ski resorts, forests, festivals, Victorian architecture, celebrities, and historical background make Aspen a place that must be experienced.
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Oct 16 2007

Surf the Pipeline in Hawaii

Surf Pipeline
Endless sun, pristine beaches, and monster waves. Hawaii, the home of surfing, is America’s surfing Mecca, and one of the premiere surfing destinations the world over.

Hawaii has great surf most places, but if you want to call yourself a world class surfer you have to make it on the North Shore of Oahu. The North Shore covers almost 20 miles (32 kilometres) of beautiful open sandy beaches, including legendary beaches like Sunset Beach, Ehukai Beach, and Pupukea Beach, and where you will find the world famous Banzai Pipeline. A spot where the shallow water and coral shelf combine to create powerful tubular waves that resemble pipes, thus giving the place its name. For sheer adrenaline, power, beauty and danger, Pipeline has no equal. Surfing the Pipeline is an invigorating experience, but you’ll have to wait in line to ride some of the incredibly huge waves that break on these shores. And if the surf’s up, beware! The Pipeline at full strength is unforgiving, even for the pros.
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Oct 05 2007

Paraglide in the French Alps

Paraglide French Alps
For an extraordinary adventure, go where eagles dare and try a tandem paraglide flight high above the Chamonix valley in the French Alps. Its an exciting and thrilling experience but at the same time incredibly relaxing and a wonderful way to enjoy the staggering beauty of the mountains. With big thermals, soaring eagles, dramatic glaciers and high mountain peaks the Chamonix valley is one of the best flying areas in the world.
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Oct 03 2007

Learn Kung Fu Shaolin style at the martial arts Mecca of China

Shaolin Kung Fu

If your into martial arts consider enrolling in Asia’s ultimate boot camp at Deng Feng, China’s Kung Fu capital and home of the famous Shaolin monks. The Shaolin Temple in Henan, known in the martial arts world as the birthplace of kung fu and home to the famed “fighting monks,” welcomes foreigners to train in its martial arts classes.
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Sep 17 2007

Run the City to Surf

City to Surf

Starting from humble beginnings back in 1971 the annual City to Surf fun run in Sydney has grown to become the must-do road running race in Australia, and the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere attracting over 50,000 participants each year.
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