Nov 07 2007

Go on a road trip with no set destination

Road Trip

For a truly exciting, spontaneous and liberating experience, hit the road for a road trip with no predetermined destination.
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Nov 06 2007

Eat a pizza in Italy

Pizza Italy

For a truly authentic pizza experience you have to eat a pizza in Italy – the home of pizza.
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Oct 26 2007

Cut a single at the birthplace of rock and roll Sun Studio

Sun Studio

The legendary status of Sun Studio in Memphis, Tennessee makes visiting an essential experience. When you visit Sun Studio, “the birthplace of rock n’ roll” you’ll step back in time to 1954, the year that a then-unknown singer named Elvis Presley recorded his first hit, “That’s All Right (Mama),”.
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Oct 25 2007

Visit Graceland


If you’re a die hard Elvis Presley fan you have to visit his legendary home, Graceland. A tour of Graceland is a one of a kind experience that will lead you on Elvis’s fascinating journey to superstardom. You’ll experience the cultural changes that led to the birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll and see, first-hand, how Elvis became the most celebrated entertainer in the world.
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Oct 03 2007

Learn Kung Fu Shaolin style at the martial arts Mecca of China

Shaolin Kung Fu

If your into martial arts consider enrolling in Asia’s ultimate boot camp at Deng Feng, China’s Kung Fu capital and home of the famous Shaolin monks. The Shaolin Temple in Henan, known in the martial arts world as the birthplace of kung fu and home to the famed “fighting monks,” welcomes foreigners to train in its martial arts classes.
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Oct 02 2007

Get soaked in the Thai New Year Songkran festival


From April 13 – 15 each year Thailand celebrates Thai New Year or Songkran. And the defining feature of Songkran is the throwing of water – when the whole country erupts into the worlds biggest free-for-all water war zone. People roam the roads with containers of water or water guns, or post themselves beside the road with a garden hose and drench others and passers-by while pick-up trucks loaded with barrels of water and little kids with giant squirt guns patrol the streets. Continue Reading »

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